Whether due to natural disaster, human error, or system failure, unplanned system outages can occur at any time. As businesses and business processes become increasingly digitized and reliant on technology, protecting the IT infrastructure is a mission critical concern. Organizations that have invested in technological systems for their core business processes need to ensure that their data, applications and services are available even after a disaster occurs. PCG’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity practice provides the expertise needed to assist organizations in the planning, implementation and testing of DR/BC infrastructure and processes. From managing the procurement and installation of DR infrastructure to providing training in the methodology, PCG is prepared to help businesses succeed in the fact of any type of system interruption. Some of our disaster recovery and business continuity solutions include:

Disaster Recovery Planning

Businesses need to have a tested, and carefully designed plan in place to that when and if a disaster occurs, the impact to the organization will be minimal. With our experienced technology staff, PCG brings it expertise to bear to assist in planning and implementing the DR/BC process methodology. We work with the company’s staff to provide assistance in defining requirements and building business cases, and enabling them to develop custom solutions tailored to the organization’s needs and internal structure. By developing the DR/BC process in-house with existing staff and management, we can ensure that the methodology is the best fit for the company.

Business Continuity Planning

While the integrity of a company’s data is of paramount importance, it is as critical that the business process does not grind to a halt in the event of a disaster. This includes not only the IT systems, but also ancillary and RTE business processes. PCG’s BC planning practice includes an assessment of the organization’s business methodology to identify those areas that are pivotal in the effective operation of the company. As these areas are defined, PCG works with the organization to develop and put mechanisms in place to help ensure minimal disruption of the business process while data and IT systems are being recovered.