Optimizing Business Performance Through Project Management Initiatives

The Service

PCGi partners with its client organizations to execute their business strategies through the successful implementation of projects. Our proactive approach to establishing and maintaining solid project management practices in support of organizations' investment in project management is one that integrates the existing skills base of the company with industry accepted and proven project management best practices and methodologies.

Needs Assessment

Regardless of the initiative, the potential success of the implementation is greatly dependent on ensuring that the processes put in place to direct the activities of the technical or business staff are appropriate for achieving the desired results. To accomplish this, PCGi utilizes a full life-cycle, scalable needs assessment practice that focuses on accurately determining the skills, capabilities and needs of each staff member. This process is key to the development of a solid, effective implementation solution.

Tools Training

In the development of project management resources in the organization, PCGi can provide application and platform training in the "tools of the trade". Specialized training is customized for your project managers so they can install, configure, and and utilize your organization's tools to track and manage projects. Specialized training is also available for project participants, stakeholders, and staff to teach them how to read, update, and manage appropriate project information in the project repository.

Process/Procedure Training

Upon completion of the needs assessment and the development of an appropriate methodology for your organization, PCGi works with your Project Managers to so that they become well-versed in the project management process, methodologies and best practices. This customized training is based on the project management practices and needs identified for your organization.


The ongoing development of an effective project management practice is highly dependent on the development of a structured project management environment. PCGi's project management consulting practice provides organizations with assistance in the formulation of a solid, effective project management business practice. PCGi provides project management mentoring and support, supplemental training, and Project Office consulting for organizations that are continually evolving their project management practice.

Certification Prep Training

For professionals seeking to secure PMI certification, PCGi provides training to assist in the preparation of taking and passing the exam. Our customized training programs provide the most comprehensive review of the PMBOK, and preparation for the exam. We also assist in the compilation of the credentials that each potential project manager needs to meet PMI's certification requirements.