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Volunteer Services for Charities and Nonprofit Agencies (VSCNA)

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2010 VSCNA Seminar Series

PCG's Seminar Series for the VSCNA program is designed to provide the most cutting edge information on technology and business topics geared toward the operations of nonprofit, charity, and faith-based organizations. Each session normally lasts 3-4 hours, and is designed to allow attendees to leave the session with functional, usable information to immediately implement in their organization. Although not as comprehensive as our full sessions, we have taken some of the most critical components of the full sessions and concentrated them into these half-day sessions. The result is affordable sessions that do not take a high level of expertise with which to achieve maximum benefit.

Current Seminars

Time Management Fundamentals

Time. None of us has enough of it. And they're not manufacturing any more of it, either. So the best we can do is develop habits and behaviors to help us manage it better. This excerpt of our Time Management Workshop helps to provide a better understanding of time management principles, and reviews some of the more effective techniques for better managing this valuable resource. More...

Managing Your Company's Data

Data is your organization's life's blood. Whether it's customer or contributor lists, event schedules, or financial records and information, it is critical for these data to be maintained and managed in a safe, standardized fashion. Many organizations have data stored in a variety of formats including Excel, Word, and even some hand-written or typed data. This seminar focuses on the development of standardized data management practices using existing applications and resources of the organization. Not only is this a more effective and efficient method of managing your data, reporting is easier, more efficient, and certainly more secure. More...