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Our Summary of Capabilities presentation provides a downloadable version of PCG's business and technology focus.

PCG Capabilities Presentation
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Training and Education

Whether your staff needs computer training, business management skills, or customized training solutions, PCG can provide a total solution for your organization's skills building and training needs. PCG's award-winning training service has been developed and refined into one of the most innovative and effective training services in the industry. Since 1989, PCG has provided high-quality training in the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors. Using a combination of detailed staff assessments, business evaluation, and aggressive follow-up, PCG works with your organization not only to ensure the success of your training and skills building sessions, but also to make certain that the quality and value of the service is realized as your staff utilizes their newly honed skills.

Skills and Needs Assessments

PCG provides detailed assessments of your staff and organization to ensure that the training solutions are the most appropriate and will be the most effective for your staff's needs. Our skills and needs assessments are conducted in preparation for training sessions, or as a separate service for organizations needing a detailed overview of their staff's skill level in the areas of technology, business process, or other specialized capabilities.

Traditional Classroom Training

PCG's comprehensive training solutions provide instructor-led training for technical topics, business development skills, and popular desktop applications. Our specialized business skills and technology courses can be customized for your organization's specific needs. Training classes can be held at our facility or yours. We also offer half-day, accelerated classes for those staff members needing comprehensive training where time is at a premium.