Seminar FAQs

Q: How often are the seminars conducted?

Typically, one group of seminars is held once each quarter, with some topics rotating from group to group. Usually, our more popular seminars such as Time Management and Team Building are held at least twice each year.

Q: Can I attend the same session more than once?

We encourage organizations to send different people to the same seminar rather than the same person over and over. If there is space in the session, however, you are more than welcome to attend again, at no additional cost.

Q: Some of these seminars are described as being excerpts from your main sessions. How can I get information on other seminars and workshops your company offers?

To get details on our other main seminar series, you may contact us. directly, or click the Seminar and Workshop Information link. And even though our half-day sessions are not normally as comprehensive as our full sessions (our Time Management and Project Management Fundamentals workshops are two days each, for example), we make a great effort to extract some of the most pertinent information from them for presentation in our sessions.

Q: How does PCG benefit from providing these no-cost seminars?

Besides the fact that PCG has a long-standing tradition of giving back to the community, some of our strongest relationships with clients, partners, and strategic alliances have come out these seminars. It also allows us to get real-time feedback that allows us to fine tune our standard sessions. It's a win-win for everyone!

Q: Are there discounts available for your standard seminars and workshops?

All of our standard workshops and seminars have preferred pricing for nonprofit organizations. This pricing reflects our attention to the budgeting challenges that are faced by most nonprofit and charity organizations. For additional information on pricing for our full-session workshops, please feel free to contact us.